Monday, March 14, 2011

Current Squirrel Playlist

The List is split into two categories. Albums and songs that for whatever reason stand on their own and add up to make a playlist. The albums first.  These first two are from Tim Hecker.  They're noise records.  According to the Pitchfork review, Ravedeath, 1972 "is based on a single day's worth of recordings in a church in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Hecker used a groaning pipe organ to lay down the foundation for its tracks."
Ravedeath, 1972
Ravedeath, 1972
Harmony In Ultraviolet
Harmony In Ultraviolet
I bought the next two on vinyl, in mono no less! Timeless, amazing pop poetry.
Highway 61 Revisited (180 gm Vinyl)Blonde on Blonde (180 gm Vinyl)
Let England ShakeBeethoven:Symphonies 5 & 7

PJ Harvey's latest is a song cycle best heard, in my opinion, on vinyl. An added bonus to doing so is the amazing cover art. As for the Beethoven, I was in the shower the other night and heard Wilhelm Furtwängler's live 1954 performance of Beethoven's 5th on the radio. I found it to be a near religious experience. I couldn't find that exact recording, apparently it's a collectors item, but I did find the one posted here, which, if not transcendent, is still very good.

I went to dinner with a friend the other night who asked if I'd heard the new Kanye West. I think I asked him something to the effect of, why the hell would I listen to that crap? Give it a listen, he said. I did. It's amazing, and the more you know about West and all the fucked up shit around him, the more interesting the record becomes. I don't know if I'd give it a 10, like Pitchfork did, but if only for "Runaway" (A song I must have listened to about 1000 times by now!) this record is worth getting. Oddly, I've also been listening to The Cure's Disintegration. Somehow, in my mind, a really good companion piece.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Deluxe Version) [Explicit] [+Video] [+Digital Booklet]Disintegration (Deluxe Edition) (3CD)

A few stand-alone songs...
Elvis Costello - "Jimmie Standing In The Rain"
Lost In The Trees - "Mvt. 1 Sketch"
Bob Dylan - "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Live)"

Bright Eyes - "Firewall"
Cake - "Sick Of You"
Radiohead - "Separator"
Willie Wright - "Right On For The Darkness"

Not necessarily in that order.  Last, but certainly not least, "Eccentric Breaks & Beats Volume 2" from the Numero Group. Best part, IT'S FREE!!!

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