Monday, March 14, 2011

Current Reading

I've been reading Len Deighton's Game, Set, Match trilogy.

Dark, realistic spy novels of the Cold War. No action set pieces, just intelligent, complicated, intricately plotted tales. The protagonist, Bernard Samson is a masterwork. I'm just about done with the first in the series, having devoured it on a recent trip to Boston and I can't wait to get on to the second.  Perfect for the airport or the plane.

The Rum Diary : A Novel (Paperback)
I've also been reading Hunter S. Thompson's, The Rum Diary. Soon to be made into a movie starring Johnny Depp in the Paul Kemp role and directed by Bruce Robinson of Withnail and I fame. Can't wait. ...There are certain writers that, when I think I've lost my way, or I need get grounded, I need a way back, are always there in waiting. Thompson is one. Hemingway, Ellison, Bukowski are there too. This is a book that was there when I needed it. Funny, honest, a book about getting lost, and a book only Thompson could write. And thank the Gods he did!

I've been thinking, I might start Shelby Foote's Civil War trilogy next.  A massive, daunting undertaking for me.  A good mountain to try and climb, one that might take all summer?  Worse ways to fill the hours...?

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