Monday, December 31, 2012

…Let’s see, last year saw London, Rome, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Monte Carlo, Livorno/Pisa, Gibraltar, Greensboro, McLean (VA), Syracuse, worked in Boston twice and drove from San Francisco to L.A. to Las Vegas

I start the year in New York City. I’m there for a week starting Wednesday. I’d like to spend a few weeks in Paris, but I’m not sure the budget will allow it. Same story with the Amalfi Coast. I’d like to roam around the mountains out west somewhere, go hiking, find a ridiculous old railway hotel, maybe? Montana? A train trip somewhere appeals to me. One of these, maybe? Could always fly over to see a Chelsea match?  I’ll probably be in Boston in March for a wedding. I’d like to spend more time in New York City. And, work is sure to send me to at least three or four paces this coming year.

Wonder where I'll end up? 

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