Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tonight's Film: "Drive"

I had this to say to a frind about the film: 

Drive...could be the most violent film I've ever seen. Yeah, I just said that. Have I seen more gore in a movie? Oh, hell yes. But in this film violence is used in such a way, it seems so sudden and jarring... On par with the chainsaw scene from Scarface, in that, you're gonna remember certain scenes from this movie! Only, unlike Scarface, where the violence takes place for the most part off camera, here it is right there! When the FIRST head exploded in slow motion, I knew this was going to be a special film. 

Violence aside, this is a damn fine neo-noir! Hits all the right notes for the genre. It owes a great deal to Walter Hill's, The Driver, from 1978; also an excellent film. The opening sequence is almost shot for shot the same. The cinematography is exquisit. I haven't seen L.A. look like this since Bladerunner! 

I know nothing of Ryan Gosling outside of his role in this movie. All I know, he is amazing in this! The supporting cast is also excellent. Albert Brooks is...Christ, he's good! 

Going in I had such high hopes and I really didn't want this film to let me down, and it didn't. I will be adding this film to the library. It will be getting repeated viewings.

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