Friday, February 17, 2012

Today's Film: Three Outlaw Samurai

Three Outlaw Samurai is an amazing, little known samurai picture from the highly underrated director Hideo Gosha.  There is a scene in which the lead samurai, still recovering from a brutal beating, is trying to make his escape from the evil guy's compound.  You hear a dog barking off in the distance.  This tiny detail is so perfectly done...  Speaks volumes for the work of Gosha, a known perfectionist.  On par with Kubrick.  So much so it's rumored he drove the great Toshiro Mifune to quit one of his pictures.

The cinematography is exquisite, and on the Blu-ray the grain of the black and white...enough to make a cinephile want to pass out.  

I understand this is from a now all but lost, very popular series that ran in Japan.  Shame, I'd kill to see that after watching this movie!  This is an absolute treasure!

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