Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tonight's Film: "Damnation Alley"

I saw this film when I was kid and I remember thinking it was the shit! Yes, the production values are crap, and the...well, basically the whole thing is crap, but some guilty pleasures are just fun. Like Damnation Alley, with George Peppard, who I think is always great in whatever he's in, liquored up and over the top! And that Landmaster! When I was ten I thought it was the coolest! So tonight I'm getting the way-back machine and I'm going to have a few beers, and indulge in a guilty pleasure. My ten-year-old self very much approves! 

And yes, I have it on Blu-ray.  If for no other reason because it's ridiculous!  I got Flash Gordon and Battle Beyond the Stars (Again with George Peppard!) at the same time.  An orgy of bad sci-fi...

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