Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Food

We are quickly moving into Autumn. My favorite time of year! The leaves turning red and brown, the low, dark clouds, rain slicked sidewalks, and a cold that gets in your bones. Perfect weather! Great for cooking. The latest issue of The Food Network Magazine has some really great looking recipes. A few I think I might try for dinner: Croque Monsieur Pockets, Chicken Potpie With Cheddar Crust, and Spicy Chorizo Pockets. For dessert, how about Beer-Pretzel Caramels? To drink, one of my favorite seasonal beers, Harvest Ale from Goose Island. (I'm enjoying one right now, actually!)

But what's really got me interested food and drink-wise is a drink recipe I found in the magazine that could either be amazing or utterly disgusting, Orange Skittles Vodka! I love Skittles, check. I love drinking, check. Why the hell not combine the two and create a freakish-Frankenstein-monster-drink?!

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