Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tonight's Film, "Marlowe"

Marlowe [Remaster]The list changes, but a few things stay pretty much the same. The coolest man to ever live was Steve McQueen. He is followed by Bruce Lee and...well, then the list can change up some after that, but it's pretty much either Robert Culp or James Garner at number three.  Garner there if for no other reason his starring in my favorite TV show, The Rockford Files.

Today's film is Marlowe, from 1969, starring a pre-Rockford Files James Garner. Apart from Garner doing what he does best, playing the suave, if down-and-out always-getting-roughed-up P.I., you have what might be the greatest cameo of all time...

Bruce Lee AND James Garner in the same neo-noir?! It's been years since I've seen the film. It has has been long out of print, but thanks to the Warner Archives it's now available on DVD.

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