Monday, March 14, 2011

Travel Shaving Kit

I travel a great deal. Little luxuries become important when you go from one antiseptic, sterile, soul-less hotel room to another, with their tiny variations but always basically the can become demoralizing after a few weeks. Why make this worse by carrying around an equally boring kit? No reason you can’t bring with you something with a bit of style, something that at the end of a long day might make you feel a bit more...HUMAN. Take shaving, as an example.  Why carry around a cheap plastic disposable that's going to rip your face apart when for a few dollars more you can get the kit pictured above?  Something that looks as good as it works and will last forever.

There are a few apothecaries to have opened here in Chicago. Two of the best, Merz and Aaron's Apothecary offer a wide variety in the way of shaving products. I found a nice MÜHLE leather shaving kit at Merz, along with a wooden soap bowl. The compact badger hair brush is really nice.  The brush and soap method of shaving is nothing new to me.  I've been using a Trumper badger brush with a Truefitt & Hill shaving mug at home for years.  As for shaving soap, I like something with a simple smell.  Nothing too strong.  Mitchell's Wool Fat is really nice, with a classic, country sent that is unmistakably MALE without being overpowering.  (And it comes in replica antique box that is really cool looking!)  I have nothing against shaving cream.  I use both Kiehl's and Fresh, they both get the job done just fine, but there's nothing like the lather from a brush and soap.

Shaving is a ritual, and like any good ritual it offers up all manner of accoutrement to those wanting a bit more than the average.  Why not relish in the ritual of shaving, even on the road?

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