Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Porter

Sadly, there are very few fashion/style sites out there for men. Even fewer that are worth reading. Thankfully that changed a few weeks ago with the launch of Mr. Porter. It is amazingly good.

What sets it apart? For one the design is clean and simple. A great deal of the site is in black and white. They carry designers such as Dunhill, Paul Smith, Persol, A.P.C., Filson, and Belstaff to name a few. A nice little touch, when you click through to a suit, or jacket they offer a short flash video of a a guy modeling so you can get a good idea of how it looks. They have a modern aesthetic grounded firmly in the 60’s. You need look no further than their Style Icons page to see this, with Steve McQueen right there at the top of the list.

The site is also a great resource. Currently, too many men are (happily) ignorant to what constitutes proper wardrobe and what would go into building one. The Essentials page is a perfect primer, and with examples like James Coburn for visual aides...perfection!

Here's the clincher for me. The other day I got an email from them with a link to their Journal page, The Knack, The Cocktail: "...taken from Ted Saucier's much-referenced mixology book, Bottom's Up (1951). Although no longer in print, I recommend getting your hands on a copy. Not only are the recipes great, but they are illustrated with pictures of scantily-clad ladies in some form of cocktail erotica, reminiscent of Alberto Vargas' drawings from classic 1950s Playboy magazines. A great book for a collector." Well, it just so happens I'm a drinker and a bibliophile, I've had the book for years, and it really is as good as advertised.

This site is perfectly in-tune with my tastes, right down to the smallest detail! Can't get enough.

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