Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Case for Cases

When I buy a camera, an iPod, some kind of device, I look forward to finding just the right case. I like a nice case. A little detail to finish something off, protect it, individualize it. I like something classic but distinctive.

My old iPod has a leather Vivienne Westwood case. It's aged beautifully bringing out the stitching. That's a good point to make about a case, I try and find something that after a bit of abuse and age is going to look just as good, if not a bit better. Obviously, leather is good for this.

I've posted about my Lumix LX3. I love this camera, that it kinda, sorta looks like an old Leica or similar. (…It does have a Leica lens!) I ended up getting two cases for it. The first was a simple black Leica case. As the Lumix sister camera is the Leica D-Lux, sharing the same lens and many of the internal workings, and has a very similar profile, my Lumix fits perfectly.

I bought a second case recently. I wanted the classic leather case. Hard to find for a modern camera. I finally found a knock off. It smelled like formaldehyde when I got it. It's better now. I wanted something I could wear around my neck, open to take pictures, and then flip the cover back on. It does that, and it looks great. It'll look even better with age. Only problem is to download my photos I have to unscrew the camera from the case and remove it to access the slot on the side for the wire. Bit of a pain in the ass. I use this camera for work and have to remove it from the case at the start of the day.

Then there's my phone. I have an iPhone 4. Originally I wanted a leather case. I couldn't find just the right one. Most are plastic or rubber. I wanted something as cool and functional as the phone. I got turned onto iWood from Miniot. I have a mahogany case. I get a lot of comments on it. It was a few shades lighter when I got it. The oils in the skin have given it a beautiful patina. The detailing is amazing. The tiny buttons are wood!

And because I'm a complete dork, now I'm looking for a case for the case. I think I've found it. This one from Paul Smith is pretty cool...

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