Thursday, February 24, 2011

45 Case

For my birthday last year I bought myself a record player. Nothing fancy, a Denon, as that's the kind of receiver I own. It has a nice little feature that allows me to record to a jump-drive, make instant MP3s.

Denon DP-200USB Fully Automatic Turntable with MP3 Encoder

I've been slowly getting back into vinyl. The Numero Group has fanned these flames considerably, but, more on that another day. I found that I had a pretty good stack of 45s scattered all over the place. In an attempt to organize, clean things up a little bit, I went in search of a case. Not as easy a thing to find as you might think. It took some time to find nice one. I finally got turned onto one listed on Etsy, a site I'm really starting to like a lot. Check it out...

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