Saturday, December 25, 2010

Selected Portions of the Current Squirrel Playlist

Mr. Bird's latest, Fingerlings 4.  Worth it if only for the amazing Jay Ryan cover.  

01 Dance of Death
02 Master Sigh
03 Make Hay
04 You Woke Me Up!
05 Danse Carribe
06 The Barn Tapes
07 The Sifters
08 Carrion Suite
09 Meet Me Here at Dawn
10 Oh Baltimore
11 Section 8 City

Songs for a Friend [Vinyl]
Linda Bruner - "Don't Let Me Down"
Silver Rider (Album)
Low - "Silver Rider"
Waves Of Fear
Lou Reed - "Waves of Fear"
Wicked Gravity ( LP Version )
Jim Carroll Band - "Wicked Gravity"
Van Morrison - "Ballerina"
Moonlight Mile
Rolling Stones - "Moonlight Mile"

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