Monday, April 26, 2010

Spain's most celebrated bullfighter in intensive care after very bad goring

From the Guardian:

"Spain's most charismatic and popular bullfighter, José Tomás, was today in the intensive care unit of a Mexican hospital after being badly gored by a fighting bull in the town of Aguascalientes.

The half-tonne bull caught the famously risk-taking torero in his upper thigh and dug his horn deep by raising his head before flicking the pink-stockinged, sequinned matador up into the air.

Doctors said the horn had penetrated 15cm (6in) into the 34-year-old bullfighter's thigh, damaging veins and arteries and causing a huge loss of blood.

"It is a very deep wound," his manager, Salvador Boix, said. "He has been operated on for three and a half hours. He needed a transfusion of eight litres of blood – the human body normally contains just five litres." (...More)

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