Monday, October 12, 2009

Screeching Weasel at Riot Fest

I waited about seventeen years to see them and last night I finally got my chance. I witnessed the mighty Screeching Weasel, my favorite punk band, in a powerhouse hour-long set. (Lived a hollow, boring life and don’t know about the Weasel? Poor bastard. Here’s a good place to start. Or my favorite punk record, Anthem For A New Tomorrow.) I was lucky to see Weasel on the final day of Riot Fest at the majestic Congress Theater I say I was lucky to see Weasel because they have broken up at least four times, and they play live now sporadically at best. But damn they were good! I even sang along to “Joanie Loves Johnny” and “Every Night.” Here they are doing "My Right"

It was not all great though, unfortunately the sound was a little muddy and Pegboy, who opened for Weasel, only played half their set and barely got through that. I’ve seen Pegboy before, last time was the Touch and Go Festival, and they were amazing then. Shame they were only half-assed last night. And who thought putting Alkaline Trio on after Weasel was a good idea? I left the second the lights came up at the end of Weasel’s last song, because no band on earth (with the possible exception of Shellac) could equal the power and fun Weasel gave me and that crowd last night.

Riot Fest

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